The Boutiques

Wellness in the Space dimension.

Wood, green, light

Located in the heart of Sicilian Baroque territory, an ideal setting for our events. The minimal wood decor leaves the eye free to wander, Marishanti green on the walls instills calm, large windows let the natural light in. Our boutiques are designed to generate serenity.

Noto Boutique

Lose yourself in the small Baroque lanes of Noto, then come and visit us in Via Arnaldo da Brescia, in our new, bigger boutique.


  • Marishanti Noto
  • Via Arnaldo da Brescia, 9
  • 96017 Noto (SR)
  • 0931 163217
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Ragusa Boutique

The first Marishanti boutique was opened in Ragusa, in Via Roma, the heart of the historic centre of the upper town, a stone’s throw from the 17th-century Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista.


  • Marishanti Ragusa
  • Via Roma, 146
  • 97100 Ragusa (RG)
  • 0932 1912027
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