Discover Marishanti

And a world of well-being.

In the land of the sun

Marishanti was founded in Ragusa, in the land of the sun, thanks to the passion and courage of four young entrepreneurs, united by the desire to innovate and to treat nature gently.

The Marishanti philosophy is based on Respect for Nature in every phase of the production process, with a commitment to guaranteeing the quality of the row material through careful product selection and R&D, resulting in a natural and effective product.

A temple to look after

For us the body is a temple to be respected and cared for. It should not be worshipped, but rather looked after, or protected, with the help of the natural anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of Hemp.

It is Marishanti’s mission to give serenity to the body, restoring its natural wellbeing, which is altered by various factors of fatigue (daily stress, an unbalanced diet, smoking, pollution).

Protect with Care

For us, taking care of the body also means taking care of the space around it, of the home it lives in. The whole production process, carried out exclusively in Italy, fully respects the environment, adopting farming methods that allow us to avoid using chemical additives and fertilisers.